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On Entertainment!! ”If I Paid, Make I Die” – Davido Denies Paying Chris Brown To Feature On ‘Blow My Mind’. (Screenshot)

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Nigerian Singer, Davido, went on an angry twitter tirade yesterday after he misinterpreted a post from a music blog and thought they insinuated he paid American Singer, Chris Brown for the song they did together.

Davido wasted no time in berating the music blog and even asked them to desist from posting his songs in the future.

He wrote ;

God purnish u!!!!!!!!! If I paid, make i die!!! Don’t ever post my music stupid fools!!! F*CK YALL MY BROTHER DID THAT SH*T FREE FOR ME AND EVEN SHOT THE VIDEO FOR ME U B*TCH A** N*GGAS!!!!

However, the singer later realized he misinterpreted the post and tendered a witty apology.


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